Way To Go Meeting Minutes, Nov 27th, 2023

The meeting was in-person and using Zoom, and was well-attended; Carol W chaired.

“Experience with MAiD“. In this heartfelt and informative presentation, Noba Anderson shared her journey with her dear friend Jan, whom she supported through the MAiD process. Noba took us on a photo journey that began with her father’s death, and how this influenced Jan’s desire to have a personal and meaningful death experience. When Jan was close to death, she asked for Noba’s help. The first flurry of activity was about getting Jan’s house in order, and going through the MAiD application process. With that complete, Noba was able to focus on creating the death experience Jan wanted. Noba found herself listening deeply to Jan’s needs, and helping Jan connect to those who were dear to her, but she had lost touch with. Photos of those she connected with followed, with Jan glowing. The presence of death, combined with Noba’s energy and sensitivity, made it possible for estranged family members to come together in a beautiful way. After the experience Noba realized that she had played the role of a death doula. Profoundly moved by the transformative experience, and how death provides a backdrop for healing, Noba showed us a picture of her certificate from the Death Doula training course offered by Douglas College. Jan’s death was an example of how a death doula can make what could have been a lonely and painful exit into a beautiful, life-affirming gift to all involved.

Video – Noba Anderson, Experience with MAiD (just skip past the first minute where you see my face intent on technology)

There wasn’t much time for business – Joyce provided a Treasurer’s Report, and the pictures Sherry Peterson took from the Death Education Fair were viewed.