Death Education Fair on November 5th, 2023

Death Education Fair on November 5th

Way To Go is hosting a Death Education Fair on Sunday, November 5th from 1:00 – 3:30 pm in the Quadra Community Centre. The Fair is an opportunity to learn more about aging, death, dying, and grief. We invite you to explore these topics in a relaxed atmosphere, expand your awareness about what might be involved, and become more comfortable with the subject. The emphasis of the Fair is on local, natural, alternative, and community minded approaches. It’s about bringing death back into the stream of life in real and tangible ways.

In a comfortable and friendly environment, learn about community-led death care, natural burial, caskets, shrouds, estate and personal planning, hospice, grief and loss, MAiD, and other topics. In the Main Hall, peruse the information at each table, ask questions, and learn more about topics of interest or discover those new to you. Arrive at any time during the event and stay as long as you like.

You may want to bring a picture or memento to place on the “In Remembrance” table. In this way, you can acknowledge your grief for those you miss, and show your gratitude for how their lives have touched yours.

In the Green Room, relax in the Death Cafe and engage in guided conversation while enjoying tea and cookies.

At 1:30, we’ll introduce each of the tables. At 2:30, we’ll put the spotlight on a few of the topics with some short videos and slides. At 3:20, the Threshold Singers will sing a blessing at the remembrance table.

The result of living in a society that is shy to talk about death is that our knowledge about what is possible is often narrow and limited. Hearing words like hospice, palliative, and death can paralyze us. While we still have the capacity to explore and the time to ponder, let us acknowledge our mortality and equip ourselves with knowledge.

Death is not a medical event; it is a human experience. How can we navigate it in ways that align with who we are and what we value? We look forward to seeing you on November 5th.