Library of Caregiving and End-of-Life

At our local Quadra Library, there is now a shelving unit of books dedicated to topics relating to caregiving and end-of-life. As you come through the entrance, turn immediately to the right and you will see it bside the magazines. Community members are invited to browse the titles. If you see one you’d like to borrow, jot down the date, book title, and your contact information in the sign out journal on top of the unit. After you’ve read the book, hopefully within a few weeks, return it to the shelf where you found it, and make a note in the journal of the date it was returned. Do not return any to the VIRL Quadra Library return bins.

You will find a selection of beautiful books which explore death, and honour it as a sacred and natural part of life. There are books about grief and caregiving; helpful companions for those immersed in that challenging terrain. Children’s books can introduce your younger ones to death in a healthy and integrated way. With over 100 titles on the shelves, you will find poetry, prose, and the practical. There are books from local authors, other cultures, as well as Quadra’s very own Way To Go Guide. If there are additional titles you’d like to see, or books you’d like to donate, please send an email to or make a note in the sign out journal.

The lending library began with a Neighbourhood Small Grant of $500 from the Campbell River Community Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of many, as well as what the grant provided, it soon became apparent that the books could not be carried in a tote to the monthly Way To Go meetings. Barb kindly offered space at our local library, to make them accessible to the community.

Written by Margaret Verschuur, recognizing Melanie Circle, Carol Foort, Sulyn Cedar, Denise Chisholm, Campbell River Community Foundation, Barb Van Orden and the Quadra Library, for bringing this to our community.