Way To Go Meeting Minutes, Sep 19, 2022

We met in the main hall of the QCC. 16 present, 2 via Zoom kindly organized by Matthew. Carol W chaired the meeting.

Educational Presentation

After our usual time of sharing, Priya Huffman gave an eloquent and thoughtful presentation on “Care of the Body, Jewish Practices.” She shared that Jewish communities have a group of men and women called the Chevra Kadisha, who tend to the body after death in accordance with Jewish law and tradition. In meditative silence, with respect and dignity, men cleanse and purify the body of a male, and women a female. They work to return the body to the natural and pure state it was born with, thus completing the circle. It is then wrapped in white linen or muslin cloth, to signify that in death, the person has become as holy as the holiest. After each experience, Priya told us she comes away more respectful, and more open to what it is to be in life.

Business Topics

Meeting in Main Hall or Room 3. It is easier to hear in Room 3 and although that is our preferred place to meet, we will be wherever the managers of the QCC decide works best for them.

New website – way2go.ca. Has meeting dates, topics, and minutes from previous meetings.

Secretary – Joyce will continue to track the money, place ads in DI and Bird’s Eye, but is stepping down from taking notes from the meetings. Dawn Chickite kindly took minutes.

Farmer’s Market – Carol F reported that they went to one Farmer’s Market per month during the summer, and that although it wasn’t the most popular table, there was engagement from the community and visitors, and it felt worthwhile.

Educating our Community – Ford, Matthew, and Melodie will meet to discuss ways we can bring death awareness, and awareness of alternative options in navigating it, to our larger community is a way that is effective. The Death Education Fair this spring was effective, and we have planned another for November 2023. We’d like to do something this winter – perhaps show the movie Tender again, or have Christa Ovenell come and speak.

Zoom account – wondering if anyone has a personal account that could be used in case Matthew is not available.